Conversational Engagement

Stuck on how to get your members to act? Discover the conversational engagement approach!

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What will you learn?

  • Engagement vs. Personalization: Why *|FIRSTNAME?|* isn't personal.

  • Voice of the Member: How to let what your members say guide communications.

  • Engagement vs. Opens: Why email open rates is not (and was never!) a measure of engagement. 


  • People, Not Personas: Why personas are only a starting point for understanding your members.

  • Two-Way Conversations: How to start conversations with your members that they can actually respond to.

  • Conversations at Scale: How to combine technology and humans to reach all of your members on an individual level.


“In just one month we were able to identify over 200 members that wanted to upgrade to a paid subscription just by asking the simple question, "Would you like to upgrade?" I never realized that our members wanted simple, straightforward communication vs. the daunting, long emails. It's an amazing supplemental form of marketing to pair with our educational content. Did I mention we increased our webinar registrations by 830%...?”

Whitney Kendrick, Chalice Network