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How PIHRA Unlocked Valuable Member Insights with Minimal Effort

If you've ever thought, "I wish I had this member data so I could do this campaign," you and Lili Arguello, Director of Membership, Professionals in Human Resources Organization (PIHRA) are in the same boat!
In our first “Fireside Fuel” – a video conversation to highlight PropFuel client successes – Lili Arguello from PIHRA joins PropFuel team members, Ashley Wucher, Client Success Manager and Brianne Wheeler, Director of Marketing, for a conversation around two campaigns that solved data challenges and enabled PIHRA to take immediate action.

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"When I found out that PropFuel had an API integration with my association management software… YourMembership… I was ecstatic. Because since I got to PIHRA, one of our pain points was, how do we ensure that we have reliable data for our members.”

-Lili Arguello, Director of Membership, PIHRA

Watch to learn:

  • How to solve the challenge of missing profile data – especially when it’s as essential as an email address – for consistent member engagement.
  • What to do if you’re looking to launch an initiative, but don’t know if it serves the needs of your current members.
  • How to make it easier and faster for members to provide you with valuable insights, without them even having to log into your AMS or send an email!

Results: 16.3% Campaign Response Rate | Automatic Data Write-Back to AMS | Actionable Member Insights


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“And the beauty of it, also...I got some training by the PropFuel team on how to do it, I was able to get it going, and then any troubleshooting, I could always count on [the PropFuel team] to help me just finalize it and test it and make sure it worked.”

-Lili Arguello, Director of Membership, PIHRA