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How Special Libraries Association Won Back Members by Asking a Few Simple Questions

If you've ever felt like winning back lapsed members is low hanging revenue fruit for your association, you're correct! 
In this “Fireside Fuel” – a video conversation to highlight PropFuel client successes – Jordan Burghardt, MNA from SLA joins PropFuel team members, Melissa Bittner, Client Success Manager and Brianne Wheeler, Director of Marketing, for a conversation about their lapsed member campaign in PropFuel that resulted in tens of thousands in membership revenue. 

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“Our baseline comparison was in January 2022… we had $20,000 in membership revenue. And in February, when we launched this [campaign], we had over $66,000 in membership revenue. So we more than tripled our membership revenue in one of the shortest months of the year.”

- Jordan Burghardt, MNA, Director of Engagement, Special Libraries Association

Watch to learn:

  • How to strike up a conversation with lapsed members to engage them differently than what you've been trying (that probably isn't working to bring them back)!
  • What questions to ask lapsed members to gain insights into why they haven't yet renewed.
  • The revenue potential for your association by approaching lapsed members in a new way.

Results: $46,000+ one month increase in renewals | Actionable Member Insights | Success Implementing AI + Human Touch


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“One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about PropFuel is the fact that you can tailor the content to come from your personal email. So I get the responses [from a campaign] directly in my inbox and then can begin a dialogue with people. And a lot of times they’re expecting it to be an automated process. So when I start responding to them and talking through like, here are your different options, like “Oh I didn’t realize you that you switched jobs. Are you in between jobs? Do you need the unemployed rate?” Things that allow more of a personalized touch, it’s just been such a phenomenal success."

- Jordan Burghardt, MNA, Director of Engagement, Special Libraries Association